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The day Fred fell in love
Fred didn't know what it was like to fall in love.
He didn't know how to recognise it,
he didn't know who would trigger it,
he didn't know how to react to it.
Fred didn't know that he didn't know what it was like to fall in love.
After all, he read so many books, and in so many of them the heroes fell in love!
According to them, and to him, it was easy: whenever the narrator said that the hero was in love, the hero was in love.
In Fred's case, he was his own narrator, so he thought that, when that happened, his internal narrator would've been able to recognise the feeling and a voice inside his head would've said that Fred was in love" (not that he cared that much about love anyways).
One July afternoon he found out that he was completely wrong.
That July afternoon he was in the town's cafe when he saw a girl who was in his class. They weren't friends; in fact, they hardly ever talked to each other. The only things he knew about her were basically:
1) that her nam
:iconscusa-chan42:Scusa-chan42 1 10
The Black Bride by Scusa-chan42 The Black Bride :iconscusa-chan42:Scusa-chan42 9 4 Makin' a Move by Scusa-chan42 Makin' a Move :iconscusa-chan42:Scusa-chan42 12 15 Sesshomaru (art trade with Lacie-BunCat) by Scusa-chan42 Sesshomaru (art trade with Lacie-BunCat) :iconscusa-chan42:Scusa-chan42 7 5 Trento by Scusa-chan42 Trento :iconscusa-chan42:Scusa-chan42 8 0
Uneffective showcase of emotions
I apologise in advance in case this piece of literature isn't effective enough.
As you can see, I have yet to master the art of expressing my emotions through text.
Generally speaking, I have little experience in controlling my emotions in real life as well.
My verbal and non-verbal language are usually seen as "cold" and people tend to keep at a 
safe distance from me because of that.
It is also likely that I seem to consider myself as "superior" to others because of my
academic successes and the fact that I don't like to talk to other people.
Well, that is incorrect.
I actually think of myself as inferior, because I don't have as many friends as others seem
to have, and I couldn't care less about my straight As, or my drawing skills, or how well
I play the piano. I can't see what I'm good at. I can't see how good I am at things 
because, no matter what, there will always be someone better.
Hey, I know I look like I'm some pretentious snub, but I'm not. Well, yes, I am: I'm
:iconscusa-chan42:Scusa-chan42 0 0
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Scusa-chan42's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a mediocre artist, but I hope to improve. My biggest passions are drawing, speaking English, listening to music (mostly Vocaloid music, David Bowie, Daft Punk, the occasional Gorillaz, Tupperware Remix Party... Ok: I'm a sucker for fictional/alter ego singers), pressing violently on various kinds of keyboards, sounding constantly like a know-it-all and contraddicting myself.

My least favourite things are pretentiousness and close-mindedness.

I hope you like my drawings! And don't panic.


I was watching one of those cheesy "news" TV shows with my mother today, when, at the beginning of a report it plays a David Bowie song.
That isn't a weird thing per se, though. The weird thing is that, during the report, they also played music from Gorillaz, Daft Punk and Elton John.

I kinda want to meet the guy who chose those songs, we basically listen to the same music! 
I saw this video on my Youtube feed and I immediately thought of you, pinktranquility!
He made one for Melanie Martinez too, UiritasFujoshi
First thing first: buy some new crayons. Especially, buy an orange one, you seem to need one of those.

Speaking of the things I liked: the cat heads are my favourite things about this piece. They are generally well designed, especially the pink one. I like its eyes.
The blue one has this weird thing around its eyes that I can't understand what it's supposed to be, but it's coloured relatively well.
I also liked the girl's swimsuit. This piece has a lot of potential.

Speaking of the things I disliked, this work as a whole isn't very good speaking of technique. You seem to be a beginner who got into drawing very recently, so I can't be too harsh on you.
I can suggest you to study, practice, practice, and then, if you have time left, practice some more.

You need to improve the anatomy of your characters. This girl looks really uncanny and she doesn't have a natural pose (you don't hold a cup of wine that way and you don't put your hands on your hips that way either). Her face is also really weird. I understand you wanted her face to be seen from three-quarters, but, since you drew the head as if it were frontal, it just looks like she doesn't have her face properly centered on the head.

To solve these problems, I suggest you to observe reality and use references.
This drawing could be very intriguing if you had better technique.
I honestly wish you came back to this piece in 4 years and decided to redraw it: I bet the result would be totally awesome!
Ohmergerd, someone tagged me!

Tagged by :iconuiritasfujoshi:

Da Rules:

  • Write the rules 
  • Write 13 things about yourself 
  • Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions
  • Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged
  • Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this"
  • It is forbidden not to tag anyone
  • Tag backs are allowed 
  • If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you!

Let's get started! <3


 Facts Time!

1. I am the living embodiment of the "Apologises a lot" trope. My name actually means "I'm sorry" in Italian.

 2. I have a lifelong obsession with the English Language. When I was 2 I would only watch Tv in English.

 3. I strongly believe that everything is better if it's got Space in it. No wonder my favourite song is Life on Mars? ([link]) and 
  my favourite novel is The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy.

 4. My greatest accomplishment yet is learning how to play Life on Mars? on piano in one week.

 5. I'd like to write songs, but I haven't done it yet because I know it'll suck, disappointing everyone I know and, most
  importantly, my favourite singer-songwriter who might be watching me from Heaven. I know it's stupid (especially the "dead songwriter silently judging me from Heaven" part) but I still have this feeling.

 6. The dead singer I'm talking about in point 5 is David Bowie (yes, I've discovered his music only after his death, don't judge
     me, please!). I could write an entire journal about him, but for now, I'll just say that I have to thank him for my sanity and        that, as much as I hate to admit it, I kinda fancy him... Ok, ok: I fancy him a lot.

 7. I have an IQ of 141, which makes me fit into the Gifted category.

 8. Despite what my DeviantID suggests, I actually have brown hair and brown eyes. I own that outfit IRL, though.

 9. The girl depicted in my DeviantID is my DARK SIDE!1!1!1! She's arrogant, and that's pretty much how edgy she (and I) get.

10. I first got introduced to Vocaloid by a classmate of mine in Middle School, but, since she only knew about "World is Mine", I
  never got that much into it. The person who got me really, unhealthily into Vocaloid was AkiDearest. Despite the fact that her videos featured only the classics, she still managed to make me spiral deep into the fandom.

11. I have synesthesia. Specifically, grapheme-colour and some form of music-colour synesthesia. It helps with colour palettes.
  I also give numbers and letters personalities. For example, the number 7 is a pretty, but vain boy who hates 6 because she's ugly. "Why is 6 afraid of 7?" says the old joke. My answer is: "Because he's a total jerk to her".

12. My sense of humour is based almost entirely on imitating other people and rephrasing what others say to get weird, but
  funny results. When I try the second trick it has a 50% chance of success, with the other 50% being just plain weird or, in
  the worst cases, offensive.

13. I'm very spontaneous IRL. This trait is often shown in the fact that I can be brutally honest, especially at school.
  For example, I once told my current Italian teacher that she's "the least worst teacher I have".

Answers Time!

1- Favorite artist on DA?
Wow, Uiritas, you play hard, don't you? 
Ok, my choice is a bit weird, but I've found myself enjoying Spaztique's self-improvement essays a lot.

2- What do you love the most about yourself? <3<3<3

My intelligence! It's the only positive quality I'm sure to have in abundance and it helps me put almost no effort at school! 
I also like my body a lot.

3- Biggest fear? :0

My biggest fears stem from the "fact" that you can't really know what others see when they see you. You might be a jerk in their eyes, and if someone says: "Veronica, you're a jerk!", I don't think: "That person doesn't like me/just goes around insulting people"; instead, I think: "Finally someone is honest with me!"
It used to be about being a loser, but then I discovered how relative that concept is. For example, all of my idols fit the guidelines to be one perfectly, yet they're still my idols!

Also, I'm terribly afraid of dogs.

4- Do you like cute things? <3

Who doesn't? 

5- How long is your hair? <3 (random question(??)

It goes just below my shoulders. 

6- What do you think of me? ;> (???

Well, I don't know much about you, Uiritas, aside from the facade you (like everyone else) put on the Internet.
While reading you tag, it stuck with me the fact that you worry a lot about what other people think about you. The thing I can say is that "Jerk", "Loser" and "Freak" are relative and, at least, that you can't be liked by everybody. Again, many of the people that we look up to often fit in those definitions. For example, my definition of "loser" used to be "someone who hurts the people around him by standing out from the croud without realising their condition". In other words, someone who is themselves no matter what others think.

7- One song that you love singing?


8- What colors are the clothes you wear normally? (Pink, black, rainbow, first thing you find in the closet(??)

My favourite colour is blue, but I mostly wear red. I don't know why... >.<

9- Favorite animal?

Humans! (I don't like animals that much)

10- Do you like horror movies?

Not much.

11- What did you get on christmas las year?

I got the Discovery and Homework albums by Daft Punk and a guitar I haven't touched since (too busy)!

12- Do you play videogames? Fav game?

I'm no gamer, I'm mostly limited to mobile, but there's this Japanese music game for Nintendo DS, Kira Kira Pop Princess, which will be forever in my heart! I remember the music from that game to be awesome.

13- Are you afraid of porcelain dolls?

No, why should I?


Question time!
  1. What's your favourite word in the English Language?
  2. Would you rather be smart but ignored by everybody or be dumb and be listened by everybody?
  3. What's on your bucket list?
  4. What would your superpower be?
  5. What do you think of me?
  6. Do you have any phobias?
  7. Favourite month of the year?
  8. Favourite subject?
  9. Biggest role model?
  10. Favourite song?
  11. What's your opinion on Grammar Nazis?
  12. What's your sense of humour like?
  13. What is the best place you've ever been?


Tagging Time!

I tag these amazing people!

:iconpinktranquility: :iconahkhai1999: :iconlacie-buncat: :iconthejackofblades: :iconesmahasakazoo:

Feel free not to do this, if you don't want to! <3

  • Listening to: Way too many things to list
  • Reading: This journal entry to find any mistakes
  • Watching: Music videos
  • Playing: the piano
  • Eating: Choccolate
  • Drinking: any Englishman's nightmare.


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